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Danny and Baez are called to investigate the murder of Damon Gates, the gang leader of the ADT’s. They assume that he was killed by the rival gang, the Warrior Kings. When the ADTs retaliate, a gang war begins and an innocent girl is injured in the crossfire.. The ADTs are willing to talk truce but Mario Hunt, the leader of the Kings who is running the gang from prison is not. He’s doing time for killing NYPD Chief Don Kent and his wife and he will only speak to Frank Reagan. 

Hunt has five years left on his sentence as he previously made a deal, turning over the former leader of the Warrior Kings. Hunt tells Frank he wants to have his sentence reduced to time served and be set free, then he’ll stop the gang war, and if not, more civilians will end up dead. Frank considers the deal. 

Instead, Frank tells Hunt he has two choices, he can end the gang war and stay in the prison in New York, or he can be transferred to a Federal prison in Atlanta that is run by the rival gang. Knowing it’s a death sentence to be transferred to Atlanta, Hunt agrees to end the war and stay where he is. 

Ronald Lloyd, a gang hitman, is the prime suspect in the murder of the two gang members but his parole officer, Ramirez says he was with her for their regular face to face meeting at the time of the murders. Turns out Lloyd is having an affair with Ramirez and that’s why she covered for him. When Danny gets photos of the two of them kissing, he tells Ramirez that she’ll lose her job but can help herself with the criminal charges if she wears a wire and gets Lloyd to confess to the killings. 

Ramirez gets Lloyd to confess, but when he realizes that she’s turned on him, he shoots and kills her before Danny can shoot and kill him. 

Eddie and Jamie, and several other officers are being sent on falsely reported calls about serious crimes by someone hacking into the NYPD’s radio system. While the police are responding to one of the fake calls, a bank robbery takes place and a woman is shot.

Jamie and Eddie track down a suspect who calls himself Shadow. He has the skills to place the false calls but it isn’t him. Later, Shadow comes in and points them in the direction of two guys he overheard talking about making the false calls. The police are able to arrest them. Jamie and Eddie encourage Shadow to consider taking an internship with the NYPD as a civilian tech in the intelligence unit. He says he’ll consider it. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Jamie: We've been riding together for three years and I'm just finding out about this now.
Eddie: Because I knew you'd freak out.
Jamie: There are some things that just aren't right, Eddie, and this is one of them.
Eddie: My grandparents lived in Philly and we used to go to the games.
Jamie: Seriously, the Flyers! You're not even allowed to mention that name in my father’s house.
Eddie: Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit?
Jamie: No.

Gormley: Guys like Don Kent don't come along every day.
Frank: And in Don's case they get assassinated for it.