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Lee Buckosky is stabbed to death in an alley. Surveillance video makes it look as though it was a hit made to look like a robbery but the killer’s identity is obscured by an umbrella. Turns out Lee previously killed a mother and child in a DWI and got off on the charges. Danny suspects Mr. Holt, the husband of the family who was killed committed the murder. 

Baez isn’t sure she wants to pursue the case because the victim killed Holt’s family, but Danny feels it’s their job. He finds that Holt not only followed Lee several times but used his Metro card the night of the murder and got off at the nearest subway station. 

Danny and Baez arrest Holt, but they also get him the same great attorney that got Buckosky off on the DWI charges to represent Holt in court. 

Abigail Baker isn’t at work in Frank’s office because she’s in labor.

Jesse Collins assaults a hot dog vender over $10 and pulls out an NYPD courtesy card that was given to him by Joe Reagan. He was a cop on Long Island where he shot and killed a robbery suspect and never quite recovered. Jamie asks Frank to go out of his way to help Jesse because he knew Joe, but Frank tells him to go through channels. Jamie decides to get Jesse help on his own.

This leads to a conversation about why Jamie is still a beat cop. Garrett and Sid think that Frank’s policy of never showing preferential treatment to his children has led to Jamie being overlooked for promotions and special assignment. But when Frank asks Jamie what he wants from the job, Jamie says he loves being a beat cop and wants to remain where he is. 

Jimmy, an old friend of Anthony’s reaches out. He’s in trouble with a Russian bookie and asks Anthony to help him out by flashing his badge and telling the guy he’s good for the money. Anthony tells him he’ll think about it. Turns out Jimmy is being investigated. He works at the phone company and his Russian bookie has been blackmailing him to turn over confidential information on their customers, which then leads to them being brutally attacked. 

Erin wants Anthony to wear a wire to get Jimmy to tell him what he knows but Anthony refuses, not wanting to rat on a friend. 

Later, Erin convinces him to wear the wire but then he unplugs the listening device during his conversation with Jimmy. Erin is furious, but Anthony wants to get Jimmy to turn on the Russians. After Anthony saves his friend from being beaten with a sledgehammer, Jimmy turns over all of the phone conversations he’s recorded with his bookie. The information makes Erin’s case. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

I feel like if it was my wife and kid that was killed by Bukowsky then it'd definitely be me under that umbrella.


Manager: Nobody here would bother to waste a word on the guy, let alone a bullet.
Baez: It was a knife.
Manager: Whatever.