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Jamie is partnered with Officer Potemkin who is working as a field associate for the Internal Affairs Bureau, and he’s not happy about it. The rookie insists on taking control of DeMarcus, whom they arrest for possession to distribute drugs. Potemkin puts him in the back of the patrol car but becomes distracted and doesn’t close the door. DeMarcus runs off but they eventually find him. 

Potemkin tells Jamie that she failed to disclose that her brother and mother both had criminal histories when she applied to be a police officer. IAB found out while she was in the academy and said they’d over look it if she chose to be a field agent for them for six months. Jamie begins to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

Emily Copeland, 33, dies in her bed from an apparent suffocation. Her husband says he went out and Emily left the door open for the cross ventilation while she slept. Emily’s mother thinks that her husband killed her. There was a $1 million life insurance policy on Emily, and her mother thinks the husband wanted the money to start a restaurant. 

Turns out Emily had pancreatic cancer and she and her husband got a prescription from a doctor in Vermont where assisted suicide is legal, but it isn’t in New York. Unfortunately, the drugs didn’t work so Emily asked her husband to smother her with a pillow to end her pain, and he did. Danny is upset that he’ll have to do time for a mercy killing. Erin says that they’re only charging him with criminally negligent homicide and that he won’t have to do the maximum sentence. 

Shelly Wane accosts Frank at a political event about her 16 year old son, Charles’ murder, that has remained unsolved. Frank finds out that it was a gang related shooting and tells Shelly, but she’s still angry. She doesn’t think Frank really cares. She has formed a group of mothers who have lost their children to violence. There are 55 of them and they hold vigils and rallies and she wants to know why no police officers ever attend. Frank turns up at the next vigil. 


Erin’s ex, Jack Boyle, takes over as defense council on her case, along with his girlfriend/assistant council, Mandy, who happens to be 25 years old. Erin’s case falls apart when the weapon goes missing and the judge dismisses the case.  Jack later tells Erin that he and Mandy broke up. He tells Erin he misses her and invites her to dinner. She turns him down. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Jamie: We're supposed to just call it in.
Officer Potemkin: If we find him then no harm, no foul.
Jamie: Oh, I get it. We don't have to go by the book when it's your skin on the line, huh?

Erin: Not the most professional move bringing your underage girlfriend to court.
Jack: She is a lawyer and, in fact, she graduated Fordham, just like you and I.
Erin: Good for her.
Jack: And she's not underage. She's 25.
Erin: Oh great, thank you for clarifying that. She's five years older than your daughter.