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A member of Homeland Security and a police Lieutenant. tell Jamie and Eddie to arrest a man, even though they feel the agent was in the wrong. The man being arrested is a Syrian immigrant, who is worried he’ll be deported due to these charges. He begs Jamie and Eddie to say what they witnessed. 

Jamie goes to Frank with his concerns but Frank tells him that the Homeland Security agent is involved in a big case and that Jamie shouldn’t rock the boat and cause trouble. When Jamie hears that the man had to be hospitalized after being beaten up in jail, he feels guilty for not doing anything. He reaches out to the Lt. who ordered him to make the arrest and gets him to drop the charges. 

Sid Gormley tries to get some rowdy drunks off of his property and the group kicks and beats him almost to death. Anthony from the DA’s office offers to talk to people in that neighborhood because he grew up there and has the best chance of getting information. 

Sid can’t remember the incident due to his head injury but Anthony finds the head of the crew, Vlad, and arrests him for failure to pay an outstanding ticket for public urination. Once he’s in custody, he gets others in the neighborhood to press charges for other offenses. They convince Vlad to flip on his crew in order to save himself. 

Sid is released from the hospital. He’s offered early retirement due to his injuries but refuses to take it. He can’t wait to get beck to work. 

Danny and Baez investigate a shooting in a gang area where no one will talk to the police. They find Fausto, a former gang member now in a wheelchair after the head of the gang shot him in the back when he tried to take over. Danny befriends Fausto and gets him to agree to testify against Eduardo, the head of the gang, but Eduardo gets to Fausto and changes his mind. 

Later, Fausto shoots and kills Eduardo. Fausto tells Danny, once a gangsta, always a gangsta, but he hopes this stops the war in his neighborhood that put him in his wheelchair.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

It's like a giant pothole in my memory.


Frank: You could fill this floor with guys who worked with Sid.
Anthony: But I'm the one who's here.