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Jamie and Eddie respond to a 911 call where a woman dies because her epinephrine injector doesn’t work. Her husband, Owne is an EMT and gave her the injector from work because they are so expensive. Jamie asks Danny to investigate but he’s too busy so he asks Linda to take a look at the woman’s file. Turns out the injector had the wrong dose for an allergic reaction. Linda believes that it was most likely tampered with and convinces Danny to look into the case.

Owen was having an affair with his partner at work and the partner changed the dose of the injector to kill the wife without Owen’s knowledge. 

Erin prosecuted Mathew Kindler for murder and had him put in a mental facility ten years ago. Now, another man has confessed to that murder and to framing Kindler for the crime. Erin’s boss wants her to testify that Kindler should remain in the mental institution because he is a danger. Kindler has threatened Erin since being locked up, but his lawyer argues that it’s only because he’s angry at having lost ten years of his life. 

Erin testifies that Kindler should be released because he never committed the crime that put him in the hospital. Once released, Kindler approaches Erin on the street and she pulls her gun, but he only wants her to have the journals he wrote while in the hospital. 

The newspaper publishes an expose of Garrett titled, “Favor of the Month Club” accusing Garrett of being given expensive dinners, concert tickets, etc. while on the job. Garrett points out that schmoozing people is part of his job as Deputy Commissioner of Public Information but he’s never allowed anyone to influence him. Frank tells him he must pay back everything given to him over the years, or resign his position. Garrett reluctantly agrees. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Danny: You know, all I heard during the Ranger game was, 'Why won't you help your younger brother, Danny?'
Jamie: Well, she wouldn't interrupt a Ranger's game without a good reason.

What am I, like your personal detective or something?