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Jamie and Eddie provide security for a TV episode being filmed on NYC streets. When the lead actress asks about the authenticity of the scene, it leads to rewrites and the writer and the show’s police consultant aren’t happy. Jamie later finds out that the show’s police consultant never worked NYPD. He worked for 8 months as an police officer in Cranford, NJ before he got fired, and then took a job working security at the Willowbrook Mall.  Later, the consultant is fired for sexual harassment and Jamie is asked to take his place, but turns down the job.  

Sy Goodman a wealthy benefactor, provides $5 million to a fund to support police officers with line of duty injuries and their families. He embarrasses Frank during a public event with his overt praise. Later, he gets pulled over driving his illegal police vehicle with lights and sirens, doing 95 miles per hour, with a 357 Magnum sitting on the car’s center console for which he does not have a carry permit. He gives the officer Frank’s courtesy card.  The Post already has the headline, “Reagan Pal’s Wild Ride.”

When Frank tells Sy he has to turn over his weapon permit card (which is not a carry permit), Sy says he was car jacked in Miami and that’s why he keeps the gun in his car. Frank doesn’t back down, pointing out that Sy needs to follow New York law, and Sy threatens to pull the $5 million donation. 

Danny, Jamie, and Henry all believe that Sy’s donation should buy him special privileges because of all the good he does for police officers, where Nicky and Erin do not. Later, Frank explains to Sy how his actions can be seen as disrespectful, even though that’s the last thing he truly wants. Sy agrees to give up the vehicle and Frank gives him back his weapon permit card. 

Emily Harrison’s boyfriend Brandon Mitchell, accused her of cheating, then sexually assaulted her and then held her hostage by handcuffing her to the bed for 12 hours. Brandon says the entire incident was consensual but his fists are badly bruised. Brandon says Emily is just after his father’s money. 

Emily decides not to press charges because she doesn’t want to have to relive the attack in court. When the male DA refuses to go forward, Baez calls Erin to review the decision. Erin agrees it is a difficult cast without the witness testimony but since Brandon has been charged three times prior, she decides to move forward and charge him with unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, and first degree rape by forcible compulsion. 

Emily is worried that she initially agreed to be handcuffed but when she wanted to stop, he wouldn’t and he got more violent. She refuses to testify. Erin’s boss decides to drop the charges. After Erin calls out Danny for having a bad attitude about this case, he apologizes to Emily. They have Emily wear a wire to try and get Brandon to confess or attack her again but he smells a trap. Danny finds him in a bar and tells him that the city has over 30,000 police officers and he’ll never know who is watching. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Frank: I appreciate your generosity, you know that.
Sy: Then show me the respect.
Frank: By disrespecting the law?

Last time I checked my shield is just as gold as yours.