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When ADA Collins is in a bike accident, Erin must follow up on his plea deal concerning a woman being charged with child pornography. She had over 200 files on her computer of prepubescent boys, masterbating. The plea is for six years in prison but her attorney is arguing that she is mentally impaired due to brain surgery for epilepsy and should get two years probation. 

Erin’s expert agrees that the brain surgery could have left her with uncontrolled hyper-sexuality and possible delusions. Erin is so moved by the evidence that she offers a minimum sentence of one to three years. The judge hears both sides but still gives the six year maximum sentence because he says the defendant, in her lucid moments, never sought or asked for help, even though she knew what she was doing was wrong. 

Garrett tells Frank and Gormley that there’s a beat cop, Officer Eric Carlson in the 65th precinct who is feeding intel to the Attorney General’s office about abuse of power in three different precincts. 

Frank talks to Carlson’s Captain to get more information about the officer. Later, Captain Ward tries to gain access to Carlson’s apartment without permission. When Carlson finds him inside his apartment they argue and Ward calls for backup and has Carlson sent to the psych ward at the hospital, making him look less reliable as a possible witness. 

Frank has Carlson released and makes he and Captain Ward have a sit down in his office. Carlson accuses the Captain of using bullying officers into going along with questionable methods. The Captain defends his methods, claiming that he has to do something now that profiling and stop and frisk are no longer allowed. Franks attempts to see both sides and tells the two to find a way to work together. He reminds the Captain that there will be many more new officers who won’t be persuaded into using his older methods that are no longer policy.

Danny witnesses a woman, Rebecca, screaming for the police in Irish, and then walking into traffic where she is hit and killed by a car. The coroner said she had an alcohol level of .11 and a 1/2 a gram of cocaine in her system. She’s surprised she was able to walk or talk before she died. The cocaine was laced with a synthetic opiate, W18, which should have caused her to overdose. The coroner thinks someone tried to kill her. 

Rebecca worked for an old Irish bar and restaurant, Jimmy Quinn’s. Everyone who works their signs a non fraternization agreement. Staff aren’t allowed to date one another but staff still date behind the owner’s back. Rebecca was dating a bartender, Shawn. 


Rebecca’s mother tells Danny that Shawn told Rebecca that he and his partner, Derek dealing drugs out of the restaurant.  Rebecca planned to tell Mr. Quinn and then fly home to Ireland. Danny and Baez find cocaine in Shawn’s locker at work. They arrest Shawn and Shawn admits to the drugs but he thinks his partner, Derek killed Rebecca because she knew they were dealing. Shawn agrees to wear a wire and gets Derek to admit to trying to kill Rebecca. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Egan: I've got two words for you - child pornography.
Erin: What's that supposed to mean?
Egan: Two words that together run neck and neck with child molester as the charges that bring everybody, and I do mean everybody, together.

You say whistleblower, I say rat.