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Jamie and Eddie arrest a woman, Trudy Slaughter, an artist, who is throwing paint cans out of a third story window and onto the street because she’s upset about being evicted from the home she’s had since 1979. Turns out the church owns the property and has chosen to sell it to a developer. Arch Bishop Kerns asks Frank to see if he or Erin can make the charges go away.

Frank is a fan of the artist and says he can’t stop her from being evicted but that he sentence could only be community service. Then he asks her to paint his portrait for the mayor, who is insisting it be done. Trudy agrees. 

It turns out Frank met Trudy decades ago when she first arrived in New York and he was in uniform. She was drunk and they kissed. Frank has had a crush on her ever since. She surprises him with a portrait of him still in uniform. 

Shawn asks Danny why Linda died and not him, considering Danny and Jamie have the more dangerous jobs. Danny can only say that he’s not going anywhere. Later, Danny tells Shawn that they’ll make any decisions about his job as a family. 

Danny and Baez investigate the death of a famous basketball player, Rollin Jeffries. When they suspect gang members who were his former friends, they follow the SWAT team. Baez is shocked when Danny follows protocol and the two of them hold back until SWAT has completed their sweep of the building. 

But later Danny loses his temper in interrogation when the suspect tries to provoke him and Baez has to pull him out. Afterwards, they learn that Rollin didn’t overdose on cocaine like they thought, but was injected with the combination of drugs used for lethal injections. 

Rollin was killed by the young woman who delivered his room service at the hotel. They had slept together a year ago and she got pregnant, but Rollin said the baby wasn’t hers. She was so angry and distraught that she took her seriously ill mother’s medication and injected him with it. When she’s confronted, she tries to kill herself but Danny saves her. 

Erin is accosted by Beth Gower in a restaurant who accuses her of killing her husband, Norm Gower. However her husband isn’t dead, he was a former pro-bono attorney who was accused of assaulting his client, Tina Arroya. Tina Arroya testified against Norm, who represented himself and lost, spending nine years in prison. Beth swears her husband hasn’t been the same since he was released. 

Erin wonders if she assumed Norm was guilty and went so hard at him in court because his trial was the same day as her divorce from Jack. Erin confronts Tina, who now admits she lied in order to protect her boyfriend. She felt so guilty about it afterwards that she kicked her heroin addiction. Erin makes sure Norm’s felony record is vacated. 




Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

I placed her in the conference room like you asked, though I would have taken great pleasure in throwing her ass in a cell.


Erin: You said you wanted to lose weight.
Anthony: Do I have to lose my mind too?