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Jamie and Eddie are part of Congressman Richard Walters protective detail when they see a young woman, Andrea Regas, his spokesperson for his Family Unification Act, jump out of his vehicle. The two argue before she gets back inside but no one will say exactly what the argument was about. 


When Jamie and Eddie confront Andrea, she breaks down and admits that the Congressman won’t let her leave to see her kids and doesn’t pay her, but is forcing her to be his spokesperson or else he’ll have her visa revoked.

Jamie and Eddie confront the congressman, who promises them things won’t end well for them, but he does pay Andrea her back wages and allows her to visit her family. 


Leah Harris, a young woman who went missing 13 years ago as a child at camp, comes back home, claiming to have run away. Shelley Elwood, a neighbor and old friend of Linda’s, comes to Danny when she suspects that the young woman isn’t really Leah but perhaps someone conning her mother. 


Danny manages to get “Leah’s” DNA from her razor and reruns the test. The woman isn’t Leah, but Selena Moore who has a record for prostitution. Danny and Baez arrest her for criminal impersonation. She admits that Luke Harris, Leah’s brother, is one of her regular johns and paid her $10,000 to impersonate Leah.


Danny has them run a search in other states and it turns out Leah’s body was found in New Jersey, near where her brother was going to baseball camp at the time. Danny and Baez arrest Luke for murdering his sister.

The new Mayor is ordering Frank to walk in a parade where an ex-convict who served his time orchestrating a bombing the injured police officers is being honored. Abigail Baker’s Godfather is one of those officers and she ask Frank to boycott the parade. Frank still walks in the parade, but pressures the mayor to make a statement complimenting the police officers who are there to serve and protect. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Frank: Are you asking me to boycott the parade?
Joseph: I wouldn't be so bold, Commissioner.
Frank: But you would?
Abigail: All day long, Sir.

Jamie: No matter the cause, a politician is a politician.
Eddie: You can't deny that he's helping people.
Jamie: I can't deny that's the soap he's selling.