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The Prospect Park 6 are a group of men convicted of gang raping a teacher. They spent nine years in prison before they were exonerated. Upon release they were give a $5 million dollar settlement from the city. The conviction took place just as Frank became Commissioner and he feels guilty. 

Then random people throughout the city are being executed by a drive by shooter in a dark sedan. First it’s a little old woman named Ida. Then Erin’s boss, Monica, is killed right in front of her. A 16-year-old girl is killed, and then an off-duty officer walking her dog. Turns out that each one of them is a family member of someone connected to the Prospect Park 6.

The entire Reagan family investigates as one of them may be on the hit list. The investigation leads to Dewan Wilson, one of the six who swore he’d get revenge on everyone who took nine years of his life, but Dewan is staying at a resort in Miami, Florida. 

Jamie and Danny figure out the Dewan could have hired a hitman to do the job and narrow it down to Dante Sorrento, who Dewan met in prison. Danny and the Miami PD arrest Dewan in Florida. 

Meanwhile, Dante targets Jamie back in New York. When Eddie goes into a store to buy coffee, Jamie waits in the car. As Dante pulls up to him and shoots, Eddie runs out to stop him. She startles Dante, who misses Jamie and then speeds away, but not before Eddie shoots him in the head and kills him. 

Eddie is overwhelmed. She says she heard a voice in her head warning her that Jamie was in trouble. The two hug in the middle of the street. 

Later, the family waits for Jamie for Sunday dinner. He shows up with Eddie, who he introduces as the future Mrs. Jamison Reagan. When Frank mentions that one of them will have to switch precincts, Jamie corrects him. Actually there is nothing written in the rule book about spouses being partners, and Jamie and Eddie vow to be one another’s partners both the job and off. Everyone congratulates Jamie and Eddie on their news. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm putting on a real brave face out here but between me and you, I'm having a really hard time, babe. I miss you.


It's not like I lack for partners. Baez is a god send, the boys are growing into the role. My family, they've always got my back. They're Reagans, it's how we're raised. I keep trying to remind myself I'm rich with partners but you're the only one that really matters.