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Just as his wife makes sure he takes his coffee, Detective Arthur Heinz is shot to death in his front yard before he can testify against mobster Robert Coffey. Danny believes it might be Coffey’s right hand man, Victor Lugo. When Lugo insults Danny’s wife, he grabs him by the throat. Later, they find video of the person who supposedly threatened HeInz. They can’t make out his face, but his a tattoo on his hand that matches Heinz partner, Detective Patrick Ogden. 

When phone records show hours of calls between Ogden and Heinz’s wife, Ogden admits the two of them were having an affair and devised the scheme to kill him, right down to his wife handing him the cup of coffee so it would take him extra seconds to reach for his gun. 

At dinner, Jamie says he thinks Danny didn’t look at the wife first because of Linda, but Danny swears that’s not the case, and things turn very awkward.

When Garrett thinks he hears someone breaking in, he grabs his handgun and heads to his front door. When he steps outside the SWAT team tackles him and his wife  to the ground.  Turns out someone called 911 saying that Garrett was holding his wife hostage and threatening to kill her. Frank says he “got SWATed.”

Garrett is upset by Frank’s seemingly cavalier attitude over what happened. Later, Frank helps Garrett figure out that a 16-year-old blind kid with a grudge made the call. He mistakenly thought Garrett cancelled his day with the Commissioner when he saw he was blind. The truth was, it was the day after Linda died and Frank wasn’t up for the visit. 

Jimmy Pearson, Anthony’s former friend, goes to Erin behind Anthony’s back, saying he can make a case against criminal Victor Lugo by giving Erin his son, Carlo Lugo who runs the stolen car operation. Anthony is vehement that working with Jimmy is a mistake but Erin says she has this handled. 

Jimmy does manage to record Carlo making a deal for a stolen car, and even mentioning his father, but Carlo’s attorney calls Jimmy’s motives into question. He says the prosecution is only going after Carlo to help get revenge against Jimmy’s ex, now Carlo’s girlfriend. 

Anthony has a mysterious conversation with Jimmy, who turns himself in for stealing cars and becomes a co-defendant in the case, which voids the attorney’s concerns about the prosecution. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Whatever Jimmy's got is good for Jimmy and Jimmy alone; end of story.


That's your first guess. That I had an affair and now I've got Glenn Close and boiled bunnies on my hands.