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When a suicide bomber is killed trying to blow up a subway, the NYPD feels lucky that there were no other casualties and that his phone was left behind, but they can’t get the information off the phone due to new technology.

Frank goes to Kelly Peterson for help with Martin Post, the head of TeleVast, when the company refuses to unlock the phone. Another backpack bomber injures three people at a PATH station. The NYPD shows up with a warrant to raid the TeleVast officer in connection to a drug case. Frank admits that it’s the equivalent of throwing pebbles but that’s all that they have.

Frank realizes that Martin was moved by the photos of the victims, but the company still won’t officially hand over the technology to unlock the phone. Frank convinces Martin to do it for this one phone, on the sly, and no one has to know. 

Erin gets blindsided when she meets with a priest for lunch and he brings along John Romano, whose son is being prosecuted under the Organized Crime Control Act. Romano claims he can help them stop a murder if they let his son go free with time served.

The information appears to pan out when Anthony and Danny stop a contract killer from murdering an entire family. Romano’s son is brought over from Riker’s and put in a holding cell with Anthony, whom he believes works for his father. He crows about how his father set up the murder for hire just to get him out. The entire conversation is recorded and both father and son are arrested.  

Jamie and Eddie are called to a hospital when a woman posing as a nurse steals a newborn. They find the baby’s hospital ID tag near some garbage cans a few blocks from the hospital. Even when Jamie says their shift is over, Eddie keeps searching and finds a bodega owner who sold formula to the mother and has her on his video.

Using the picture from the video, and a theory of Eddie’s, they canvas nearby hospitals and find a nurse who identifies the woman as Alice, a woman whose own baby was stillborn. The eventually find Alice and the baby in the park, where Eddie manages to talk her out of throwing the baby off a bridge. Alice gives the baby back to Eddie, and the baby girl is returned to her parents. 

Later, Eddie cancels a date with Barry and admits to Jamie that it’s been a tough week and she’d rather spend the evening with him because he understands what she’s been through. The two head off to dinner. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

I'll allow that you're half right about a very complicated subject, and I'll go take another run at Martin Post.


They couldn't put out a joint statement saying the sky is blue.