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Lt. John Harvey runs a special operation where he sets up a basketball sneaker truck to “break down” in a specific neighborhood. When the driver walks away leaving the truck unlocked, the sneakers are stolen by multiple people. The police swoop in and arrest them all. The video of the operation is leaked to the press who think it is entrapment. When the press questions Gormley, he blows up and defends Lt. Harvey.  

Lt. Harvey says the operation netted many gang members but many others were arrested too. Det. Justin Powell leaked the video. He’s black, Lt. Harvey is white, and Powell lives in the neighborhood Harvey covers. When Harvey wouldn’t listen to his concerns he decided to leak the recording. 

Frank suspends Det. Powell and also tells Lt. Harvey to rethink his methods so that they consider the overall community and not just his Com Stat numbers.

Charlotte Huntington, a writer who followed Hip-Hop artists, is murdered. Turns out she was writing a book about Cameron Gooding, aka Thin Majesty, of whom Danny and his boys are fans. Gooding is secretive but an assistant tells Danny that Gooding and Charlotte were having an affair. 

Turns out Charlotte was working on a tell-all book about Gooding and his partner, Marty found out about it and killed her. Gooding agrees to wear a wire to get the confession.

Officer Wallace, aka Tuna, is pranking Jamie and it’s upsetting Eddie who decides to get back at him by double locking his handcuffs. Tuna thinks Jamie locked the cuffs and confronts him. Jamie gives Eddie a write-up. Later, Eddie’s partner, Officer Thomas, accuses her of sleeping with Jamie because she sticks up for him so often, but Eddie denies it. 


Jamie decides to partner with Tuna on the street and Tuna is impressed when Jamie runs down two armed suspects, shooting one of them. In the end, Jamie has earned his respect. 


Erin puts ADA Richardson in charge of the Healey case but he loses an evidence suppression case that Erin thinks he should have easily won. Erin later finds out that Healey threatened Richardson’s family and she fires him. That night, Anthony finds out from surveillance that Richardson is parked outside of Healey’s home. Erin and Anthony find Richardson with his gun, saying that Healey owes him. They take the gun and make sure Richardson goes home.


Afterwards, Richardson gives Erin evidence to reopen the case.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Garrett: Little piece of advice.
Sid: No thanks.
Garrett: When you yell, “end of story” to a group of reporters, you’re telling them right then and there that there’s more to the story.

Frank: This is an internal affair. We keep our own council. We speak as one and only after we’ve decided where we’ve landed. You got that Lieutenant?
Sid: Loud and clear. We let Harvey swing in the wind.
Frank: Watch it, Sid.