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An officer accuses Jamie of being racist. Some guy spoofed his account and said racist things. The cop backs off eventually and apologizes. 

Baker tells Frank that a detective Doug Lynch opened fire and killed a man in a parking lot apparently unprovoked. Sid says he will take care of it. Frank wonders what that was about.

Erin sees a guy sitting on a bench all day in the DA's office. Apparently he's looking for Anthony. He wants to help with a drug dealer case. He says he works for Freddie, the guy they are looking for. He says he's Anthony's brother.

Sid goes to see Doug. He wants to be the one to question him.

Baez and Danny go to an apartment where a woman died. She was strangled, and recently. There's food for two on the table. Danny hears someone crying in a closet. He opens the door and a girl tries to attack him with a trophy.. The girl is inconsolable when she sees the body. Danny hugs her.

Anthony says he is an only child. He doesn't believe him at first. Leo has stories that make sense. He knew Anthony was his half-brother. All Erin cares about is putting Freddie Filachi in prison.

Baez said they got nothing. Danny doesn't mind having ridden with the victim. Doctor says the girl is stable, coming out of sedation.

Danny and Maria talk to Margo. They need her to tell them what happened. She says someone knocked on the door during dinner. She doesn't know if it was a man or a woman. She heard a yell and something got knocked over. She hid in the closet. Danny asks if her mom was scared of anyone. Margo is upset that her mom is gone.

Jamie is investigating the spoofed account. Internal Affairs comes along. They say Eddie is accused of taking bribes. They accuse him of covering for her. Jamie tells Eddie whoever's gunning for him is gunning for her too.

Sid says it was a good shoot. He thinks Doug is a year away from retirement and a good cop. Frank wants to see Doug. He wants to give him some commendations. Sid says Doug doesn't like people making a fuss but he'll talk to him. Frank is confused by this.

Danny talks to a neighbor who found the body. He says he was knocked over by the perp. Another board member didn't like her. Another neighbor says the victim was always complaining about his music and stomped around all the time to retaliate. Another neighbor is rarely there but says the victim was always causing trouble. 

Jamie has found one guy who could have caused the trouble. He and Eddie go to see him in the rain. The guy hates them because he lost his corrections job. He laughs at them and Eddie starts to lose her temper.

Jamie and Eddie go to see Erin and ask how Vorjes got off with no jail time. She says none of his victims would testify so a conviction would be impossible. She asks what this is about?  Eddie is upset that Erin hasn't fixed this.

Frank goes to see Doug. He tells him he was cleared in the shooting. Doug admits it felt good to finally get this guy. Frank says he's recommending him for an award and reinstating him to full duty. His lieutenant  keeps trying to talk for him. Frank sends her out of the room and asks Doug to read him his rights. Doug seems to have trouble remembering them.

Margo goes to see Danny who is concerned about her not eating. Baez wants her to listen to the recordings of some interviews to see if she recognizes a muffled voice  She recognizes the third voice. SHe says he killed my mom so you can arrest him now, right?

Anthony sets Leo up to be an informant. Erin says she ran a background check and he almost beat a rival drug dealer to death. She hopes Anthony doesn't lose sight of the goal here.

Frank asks Sid what's going on with Doug. Sid doesn't know. He won't see a doctor. He is not happy that Sid lied to him. Sid says he put Doug first. Frank is reopening the investigation into the shooting. Sid says he didn't lie about that. 

Eddie and Jamie argue about whether to stay clear of each other. Someone has shot Jamie's windshield.

The family dinner is all about ANthony's half-brother. Jamie and Danny don't like surprises like that but Frank and Henry think it would be a welcome surprise to have an extra familym ember.

Eddie apologizes to Erin. Erin is happy to have an apology that doesn't come with amendments.

At work Jamie says the have learned nothing about Vorjes. Vorjes shows up to make a complaint against Jamie and Eddie for harassment and blames them for him losing his job. Jamie says that he's lying and he says they're doing it again right now.

Erin ran a DNA test on Anthony and Leo. She gives him the results. He throws them away without looking.

There is a riot at the apartment building. Shots were fired and everyone wants to kill Conrad. They arrest him.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Anthony: First off, tell me what this crap is about you being my brother.
Leo: Half-brother, actually.
Anthony: Then you're only half insane.

Jamie: What the hell, right?
Eddie: People have pranked you before, but...
Jamie: Who hates me this much?