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Erin and Nicky accompany Eddie to get her wedding dress. Nicky is having fun and wants to buy a wedding dress for herself. Erin says not til she's 30. The women discuss Erin/Jack before Eddie comes out. She thinks her dress is too expensive. But Nicky and Erin talk her into it.

Frank is at a benefit with the Archibishop and learns some guy is using him for a testimonial on his website but Frank doesn't know who he is.

Erin is feeling nostalgic for her wedding when Jack shows up. He has a case for her. Anthony doesn't want her to help. He thinks that Jack always has an angle.

Eddie is happy about her dress and can't help telling Jamie about it. Jamie is thrown off because she is driving him. A woman jumps in front of the car with anot-breathing child. They put him in the back of the car and Jamie does CPR while they rush to St. Vincents.

Danny and Maria are investigating an apparent suicide, a girl hanging from the bathroom. They can't keep the girl's mother out of the room. 

A woman downstairs says the woman didn't commit suicide. She says she is a medium and the victim's spirit told her that someone killed her. Danny is skeptical. Danny and Maria question her to see if she's the perp. She gives them a business card and says the locket the girl was wearing is the key to finding her killer.

Gormley tells Frank this guy is a scam artist who has a fake charity for people who are dying. Meanwhile, the Archbishop is here. He wants Norris prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Frank says Norris is likely guilty of grand larceny. The Archbishop says this brings embarrassment to the church and this can't get out. Frank says hopefully Norris will make a plea bargain and this will be kept quiet, but he can't promise.

A doctor says the kid was in diabetic shock. The mother says she gave him his insulin this morning. She gives Jamie her keys to go check. The doctor says they need to call ACS.

The mother comes in and says her daughter had a locket she never took off which is missing. Danny thinks that is a coincidence. Maria doesn't think so. They go to look at security footage. The ME interrupts to complain Danny keeps calling her and btw the girl was hit before she died.

It turns out Jack's victim is a woman who dated him but he has his eye on someoneelse.

Danny decides to dust the toilet seat and bathtub for footprints. They find a footprint right away. 

Norris says it's an honor to be invited up and maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Frank accuses him of identity theft. The guy has a pen for Frank and says this is a big misunderstanding.

Eddie suddenly worries that their relationship is all based on working together and not really love. They are interrupted by the doctor. The vial and syringe the mother used did not contain insulin. He says parents neglect their kids all the time.

Jack thanks Erin, who is upset that the woman is Jack's girlfriend. He says single men date. She was victimized and no one was doing anything about it.

The mother won't tell the cops where the medicine is. Jamie tells her that there was no insulin. She says she bought insulin online and paid cash to someone in Williamsburg. She cries that they're going to take her son away from her. Jamie says not if she can prove it wasn't her fault. They say they believe her and she gives them the contact info.

No fingerprints on the crime scene, a few specks of blood and a footprint. Maria says it's a long shot but she invited the medium to the crime scene. Danny thinks this is ridiculous. Danny keeps making sarcastic comments and says the medium is wasting his time. 

Anthony has found the robber. Erin seems cold. Anthony leaves and Erin eventually says they just have booty calls. She's mad that he didn't tell her the victim was his ex. He says he only ever tried to make points with her but Reagans have super high standards that no one can live up to. He storms out.

Danny still doesn't believe in the medium. Neither does Henry. Nicky asks what she's getting out of it. Jamie says not all scams are about money. Frank mentions his scam. The conversation turns to bucket lists. Frank doesn't have one. Danny is too practical to have one.Sean wants to skydive and climb Mount Everest. Henry's bucket list includes "don't kick the bucket." In all seriousness, he wants to see the Vatican, which he never got to see with his wife.

Erin talks to Frank. She thinks they are trained to look for the bad in people and she's been too hard on Jack. Frank doesn't like Jack and thinks there's nothing wrong with high standards. Erin thinks there's nothing wrong with admitting that no one's perfect, especially them.

Mrs. Rodriguez comes to see Jamie, who says they are going to arrest the scammers. She thanks him and Eddie for a donation. He doesn't know what she's talking about.

Danny has been there since midnight looking at video surveillance. Maria is sorry about the medium. Danny has found out about a food delivery service that delivered to a neighbor. The driver was a registered sex offender.

Anthony gives the victim paperwork to sign. She says she is so happy it's over. Erin is glad they can help. She says to thank Jack. The girl says he said the same thing about her, and that they should get together. She broke up with him because all he talked about was Erin.

Eddie tells Jamie she got 14 arrests. He asks her about the donation. Eddie says she decided she didn't need the most expensive job in the shop. Jamie says that why he loves her.

Danny and Maria try to approach Steven, who drives off. They chase him and Maria tries to call him and he says to stop following him and he didn't mean it. He almost gets into an accident. Danny gets him to pull over. He does and Danny says they'll talk. Steven drives off again and purposely drives into a big truck when Danny says Steve has to talk to the family. He dies instantly. He has the locket in his hand.

Norris says his assets are frozen. Frank asks him if the photos on his wall are real. Norris has notes about some client. Frank says Norris has some good in him and gavve two old men a last hurrah. He says Norris must return all the money and agree to probation and community service. He can continue to work at the last hurrah but can't own it. No jail time if he agrees. 

Erin finds Jack at a bar and tells him he was right, he can date whoever he wants. She says in the future if he wants a favor for people he's dating, be more forthcoming -- actually, don't ask him for favors for his dates. She asks him to have dinner with her.

The Archbishop is not happy that Norris wasn't punished. Frank wants the diocese to adopt the charity. He also asks for the Archbishop to give Henry an audience with the Pope as a surprise. The Archbishop says in that case Frank is the new volunteer to be a penpal for inmates on Rikers.
Danny goes to see the medium and tell her that the killer was found. Maggie says they both speak for the dead. Danny is still skeptical. She says she's sorry that bringing up his wife's name would hit a chord. Maggie says Linda didn't die, she was murdered. Danny doesn't want to communicate with the dead. He says his wife knows how much he loves her. Maggie says she says she loves you more.
Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Archbishop: We're looking for pen pals to write to the incarcerated.
Frank: I'm a little busy putting them away. I don't think I'll have time to write to them too.

Nicky: A little more champagne, and I'm gonna try one of these on.
Erin: No, you won't. You're not allowed to get married til you're 30.