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Jamie arrives on the scene of a hostage situation at a bodega. When the suspect opens fire on people on the street, Jamie sends his officers in before ESU arrives. They take down the suspect, but Officer Ramos is shot, causing Jamie to second guess taking the position of Sergeant. Henry reminds him how important good leaders are to the NYPD and how he believes that Jamie is one of them. 

Danny and Baez stumble upon Detective Tommy Pierce and an Organized Crime Task Force operation trying to take down the Lion’ Head drug cartel. The bust turns into a gun battle and Det. Pierce, Danny’s good friend who just had a baby, freezes under fire, allowing Danny to take a bullet to the arm. 

When Internal Affairs questions Tommy’s actions, Danny covers for him, put his own career on the line. In the end, Tommy realizes that his new family is more important to him than the job and decides to retire. 

Frank is furious when the Manhattan District Attorney’s office decides to stop processing possession of marijuana, similar to what has happened in Brooklyn.  When Erin tries to explain that the system is overwhelmed by these lesser cases and that the law is antiquated, Frank says it’s their job to prosecute all laws. 

In retaliation, Frank’s officers do not show up for their court appearances that Friday. Erin is hurt and disappointed by Frank’s reaction but still plays nice at Sunday dinner. When Nicky asks her how she manages that, Erin says that making dinner a “green zone” whenever possible is one of their most important family traditions. 

Tanya Hill, a 16-year-old sex trafficking victim must testify because of a law that says she or one of the other young girls has to take the stand in order for the DA’s office to prosecute. There’s a law that would change that that is being held up by Governor Mendez because he doesn’t like the current District Attorney, so the DA sends Erin to speak with him. 


Erin gets the Governor to meet her in court where he sees the girl take the stand, but he says he can’t make decisions based on emotion. In the end, he agrees to make the deals necessary to get the new law passed, but he makes it clear that he expects Erin’s support on his crime bill moving forward. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Erin: Every once in a while, as often as we can, there needs to be a green zone.
Nicky: But how do you just put aside whatever…
Erin: With a lot of effort because it’s important. Because it may just be the best tradition this family has.

Eddie: Don’t do that.
Jamie: Do what?
Eddie: Armchair quarterback yourself. You did the right thing.