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Maya has an argument with her brother, who skipped school to ask her for money. Eddie thinks Will is a good kid. Maya says she has three younger siblings and a mom who is more work than all of them.

Erin interviews a doctor whose daughter died. He has no remorse for giving her an experimental treatment that killed her. He was the only one who could save Sarah. 

Maya and Eddie arrest a drug dealer who is very familiar to them. He says there's a dirty cop stealing money from crime scenes. They don't believe him.

Danny and Maria investigate the death of a woman who the uniform says had cocaine on her. They talk to Gavin, her roommate. He says she was the last one of all their friends who he expected to OD.

Frank meets with Lenny in the bar. Lenny says a journalist wants to do a piece on a mob guy who was locked up for 20 years. The journalist says that Lenny covered up drug deals and the like. The problem is that it is true. He wanted to give Frank a heads up so he could get ahead of it. Also he's saying goodbye.

Sid says statute of limitations has been expired, Lenny can't be charged.  But he can be charged in the court of public opinion and so can Frank. Frank wants to talk to the journalist in question.

Danny and Maria talk to the dead girl's mother. The mother says where she went was a secret. Danny says the time for secrets is past. She says Danielle was always broke like her but she was about to make a sale of her art to a high profile buyer, the name is secret.

Fentanyl was found in Danielle's system -- the batch of cocaine was poisoned.

Mrs. Peterson comes to see Erin and Anthony. She divorced Dr. Peterson because he was a narcissist. He saw Sarah as a project. He didn't disclose all the treatments. She wants them to prosecute because David is the one who killed their child.

Eddie asks Jamie about the info that her suspect gave him. Jamie is skeptical. Eddie thinks it's worth following up. Jamie thinks it's unlikely they haven't noticed any dirty cops in the department. Jamie is worried about losing trust if he investigates his department. He says he told IAB but doesn't know what's going to happen. 

Danny and Maria interview another artist, who says she doesn't believe the rumors. She guesses she wouldn't be surprised if Danielle used. They ask about the art deal, but she can't legally talk about the art deal.

The journalist comes to see Frank. Garrett attends the meeting too. They want to know how Lenny is framed in the piece. The reporter won't tell them anything. Frank just wants to know he didn't take the word of a convicted criminal. The journalist says Lenny confirmed all of it and gave him most of the info himself.  Soreno seemed confused as to who his source was. Lenny opened up and said he was amazed it took so long for someone to ask.

Anthony and Erin go to the morgue to talk to the ME, who is behind schedule thanks to Anthony's brother. Also she wanted to double check her results. The new screening found an extract that could have caused the girl's death. 

Danny looks at a piece of art. He tells Maria he doesn't get it. Milton is ready to see them. Maria confronts him about how he will get more money now that Danielle is dead. He says he wouldn't kill an artist. He can't talk about non-public trading. He says however that a friend's son had some crappy art but the boy's friend was Danielle -- who was the real thing.

Maya's brother needs $4,000 but Maya doesn't want the police station to hold a raffle to raise funds.She and Eddie get a call that interrupts this conversation.This is a phony call so Jamie and IAB can find the dirty cop. There's video of Maya stealing money from the scene.

The IAB guy says Maya can't be charged until she deposits the money -- she might have been putting it into evidence. Jamie wants to tell Eddie. IAB doesn't want him to. Jamie says he can trust Eddie. IAB says don't make me regret trusting you. Jamie lies to Eddie when she asks who the IAB guy is.

Peterson confesses to euthanasia.He says it was right, not legal. Sarah was in so much pain. He loved her til her last second. Erin can't know what that's like. He says Elana gave up and ran away, not him. Erin says Elana wants him prosecuted for murder. Peterson says he will plead to whatever, no sentence is as bad as what he has to live with.

Frank meets Lenny. He wants to know why he's here. Is he making his last rounds before the story comes out? Lenny says Frank gives him too much credit. Frank disagrees. He says Lenny timed this so that everyone would think that story is true. Lenny says his conscience bothered him more than he thought it did. Frank gives him a newspaper from 1988. It proves that Lenny was lying about his meeting Soreno. He wants to know what's really going on. Lenny keeps saying let it go.

Danny interviews Gavin. He tells him about the sale to Vance. Gavin says he doesn't need money. Danny says who might need the money? Gavin accuses Caroline. Gavin agrees that Vance is an idiot. He says Danielle stole her ideas from Gavin. He gets Gavin to say the name of the drug Danielle was poisoned with. Gavin is arrested. Gavin wants a lawyer.

Jamie calls Maya up during roll call. He makes her give him her gun and then IAB arrests Maya. Eddie is shocked as Maya is taken away. Jamie says Maya's actions left a stain and any other cop violating the law will be treated similarly.

Eddie confronts Jamie. Why didn't he tell her? Jamie said he couldn't tell anyone. They argue because Eddie is hurt that he didn't tell her. Eddie thinks if she had offered Maya help sooner or not pushed Jamie to follow up on the tip... Jamie says she did the right thing.

Elaine comes to a meeting with Erin,  Peterson and his lawyer. Erin thinks they are angry at the world. Peterson tries to explain. His wife doesn't want to forgive him. Erin asks what would Sarah want? Elaine says Sarah was too kind a soul. She says she can't forgive Peterson but God believes in mercy. Erin says she will charge him with manslaughter and recommend probation -- no jail time.

Lenny is taken to see Frank again. Frank offers him coffee. Lenny says it's better Frank stays in the dark. Frank won't stop questioning.  :Lenny says the real dirty cop was a friend in his precinct. He had an affair with the wife. Frank says he can't take the fall for this. Lenny can't bear to ruin the other cop's reputation when he's dead.

Erin feels blessed to be part of this family. She is aware how strong the family is after seeing the Petersons.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Frank: You know how I know I'm still an optimist?
Lenny: No, how?
Frank: When I hear you're back in town, I don't go 'Oh no. What does he want?' I go 'Oh good. Lenny's back.'

I feel no remorse because I did everything I could to save Sarah's life, down to the very last minute. If you think I should go to jail for that, that's on you.

Dr. Peterson