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This week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire explored the fallout from Jimmy’s liquor heist, the murders of five (actually four) of Rothstein’s men, and the assassination of Big Jim Colosimo.

Immediately spending his newfound wealth on presents for his family (including his showgirl mother), Jimmy is distressed when Nucky tells him that he no longer has a job and owes another $3000 for his boss’ cut. After finding no help from Al in Chicago, Jimmy is forced to take back (or rather steal) the new necklace he gave to his mom to pay Nucky for the privilege of being a gangster in Atlantic City.

Although Jimmy tried to keep his crime unconnected to Nucky, both Rothstein and Agent Van Alden suspect the councilman of being involved. Rothstein wants to know who ordered the hit on Big Jim and accuses Nucky of selling his liquor to Torrio. Van Alden believes Hans Schroeder was just patsy and tells Mrs. Schroeder, and his superiors, of his suspicions. Van Alden thinks Nucky, with his circle of corrupt officials, is a much bigger threat than Rothstein and begins to focus his energy on the shootings in the woods. Van Alden also seems to have a strange interest in Margaret Schroeder when he takes her blue hair ribbon and intensely sniffs it.

Margaret does little to feed or quell Van Alden’s suspicions, especially after Elias, Nucky’s brother, warns her not to deny her husband’s possible involvement in the murders and gives her more money. However, the young widow questions Nucky about his interest and gives back his money. Nucky claims to only want her vote since women should be getting that right soon.

The episode closes with the revelation that Jimmy and his guys only killed four of the five drivers as one stumbles, half-alive, into the headlights of a stopped car.

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