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After losing both their booze and their leader, Jimmy and Eli have to face their rich investors to calm their anxiety and anger. Mr. Parkhurst indignantly strikes Jimmy on the head with his cane, causing Jimmy and Eli to lose confidence in their scheme.

However, Jimmy violently responds to Parkhurst's humiliating act by attacking the older man in his home and having Richard scalp him.

Eli begs Nucky for forgiveness and even reveals the truth about the Commodore's condition to win his way back into his brother's good graces. However, Nucky rejects his apology, and the two men violently fight until Margaret escorts Eli out at gunpoint. Later on, George tells Eli he heard about the Commodore's stroke and wants to return to Nucky's camp; however, Eli, angry and drunk, overreacts and bludgeon's him to death.

Richard decides to go into the woods to kill himself, but his plans are interrupted when a dog steals his mask. He finds the dog with a couple of hunters who seem to convince him to continue living.

Meanwhile, Nucky makes a deal with the new prosecutor to get his case transferred to the federal courts where his charges should disappear.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jimmy: Alright, Mom.
Gillian: Alright, leave me alone, or alright, I understand what needs to be done.
Jimmy: Both.

Is this to be our life?