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Knox meets with Eli who gives him the name of man he says is Torrio's second. When Knox realizes Eli's tip was stale, he shows up at his informants house to flex his hold over Eli and his family. Sally calls Nucky when she discovers Lansky and Lucky are smuggling heroin in with Nucky's rum. Nucky sends Eli and Knox to intercept the trucks as they drive up from Tampa. Nucky threatens to kill Lansky unless he comes clean. Nucky meets with Masseria and is shocked to meet his new partner in the drug business, Dr. Narcisse.

Nucky wants his cut of the drug money, but Narcisse wants Chalky who tried to kill him earlier in the episode. Narcisse demands Nucky deliver Chalky to him as a prerequisite to their partnership. Richard helps Chalky after he is shot by Narcisse.

In Chicago, Al is making moves without keeping Torrio in the loop. Van Alden gets a promotioin, and later saves Al and his brother's life when he warns them to get down moments before a group of gunmen open fire on them.

Rothstein visits Margaret at work and asks her to help him with his investment. In exchange for her help, she negotiates a rent free apartment for herself and the children.

Willie gives Nucky a heads up about Mayor Bator meeting with Narcisse. Chalky thwarts an attempt on his life, while back at the club, his daughter and Narcisse meet.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Doctor Narcisse, there's something I've been meaning to ask you, for quite some time. Who the fuck, do you think you are?


You've got two seconds to drop the fucking Boy Scout routine or you're going in that hole.