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Luciano comes upon an old foe while in Chicago while Nucky and Margaret find common ground in Atlantic City this week on Boardwalk Empire. 

Things began with another flashback dream to Nucky's youth. The summer has come to and end and the Commodore shares his vision of Atlantic City with young Nucky before telling him his services are no longer needed. Adult Nucky wakes up to find Margaret speaking with Archie his bodyguard. Margaret tells Nucky about her relationship with Arnold Rothstein and how his widow is going to come after them for the money she is owed. 

Nucky later speaks with Sally who says Ronis wants his money. After hanging up with her he walks in to find Margaret talking with Joe Kennedy about their Irish roots. Joe reiterates to Nucky that he is not interested in a partnership.  He offers Margaret a ride back to New York before learning she is actually Nucky's wife. 

In Chicago Al Capone shows Charlie Luciano his latest news reel. Charlie calls him an Italian Wallace Beery and Al takes offense to one oh his man's laughter. Charlie sees Van Alden and thinks he recognizes him. Charlie is in Chicago to try and sell Capone on a united crime syndicate nation wide. When he recalls where they were just ten years ago, he remembers where he knew Van Alden from. Capone has the former federal agent brought before him, but Nelson is able to avoid being killed by showing his allegiance to Capone. 

Nucky and Margaret catch up over dinner and discuss a plan to settle the issue with Caroline Rothstein. The two get drunk and rehash their relationship together. At the end of the night they part ways having reached a plan of action. 

In Cuba Sally gets the money Nucky owes Ronis. She delivers it to the Bacardi family head who is in the midst of seeing his wife off to Paris for the season. Sally delivers the money but is stopped on her way home by the army and is shot. 

Flashing back to young Nucky, he and Eli are caught trespassing in the hotel and taken home by Sheriff Lindsey. They have dinner with him and his family before being taken home. 

Back in Chicago, the undercover agent searches through old wanted files and finds Van Alden's. Capone says goodbye to Charlie and after having some fun with his hard laughing lackey from before, kills the guy and phones Nucky to tell him about a new problem. 

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Fuck Wallace Beery, I'm the real movie star. There's not a kid in America that don't know my name.

Al Capone

Margaret: He and I...
Nucky: Oh no. Really? No.
Margaret: Not that. Why does everyone assume? I helped him with stock information in exchange for an apartment.
Nucky: How'd you come up with that?
Margaret: I asked myself what you would do.