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Margaret ends up in a sticky situation thanks to Arnold Rothstein's widow. Nucky talks shop with a businessman from Boston and Chalky questions his latest partnership this week on Boardwalk Empire.

Chalky and Milton break into a home looking for a safe. They run into trouble when it turns out a girl named Fern and her mother Marie are at home. Marie tried to bluff the men telling them there is no safe. When Milton turns his focus on Fern, Marie caves and tells them where the safe is. She withholds information again as the two men struggle to open the safe, saying her husband is the only one who knows combination. Milton calls her bluff sighting no sign of a man living there and points his gun at her daughter. She opens the safe for them revealing it's meager contents. Chalky kills Milton and is asked about his daughter by Fern.

Flashbacks of Nucky as a boy continued this week as we see him hustling about doing various tasks at the hotel. A man pays him to bring fresh flowers daily to his room where young Nucky sees a naked woman on the bed. Nucky spies a young girl in the dunes on the beach. She dares him to kiss a horse for a dime before being called away by her mother. Back at the hotel Nucky delivers flowers to the room again but is greeted by the sheriff and the Commodore. The woman he saw previously is now dead on the same bed. The sheriff tells him the man responsible was dealt with and tells Nucky to keep quiet about the incident. Nucky gets a postcard from the girl he met on the beach named Mabel Jefferies.

Charlie and Benny meet Narcisse in Harlem. They offer Maranzano's protection to Narcisse in exchange for the same deal he had with Joe the Boss regarding his various businesses. Narcisse is not interested and dismisses the offer despite Charlie's subtle threats. Later at one of Narcisse's brothels, two men enter and shoot everyone inside.

Margaret is questioned about her dealings with the account of Abe Redstone. She plays dumb and claims to not have known about Arnold Rothstein's involvement with her firm. She learns Rothstein's widow is suing for money taken out of her husband's account after his death. Margaret meets with Caroline who thinks she was one of her husband's mistresses. Margaret holds firm that she had no part in stealing the money, but then Caroline reveals she knows exactly who Margaret is and who she is married to.

Nucky meets with Mickey Doyle and instructs him to hire some men to help with his affairs. He phones Sally in Cuba to see how tings are. He informs her he has lost touch with Senator Lloyd but is meeting with a wealthy man from Boston later on. Nucky meets with Joe Kennedy over dinner to discuss their potential partnership. Later at Nucky's club the two continue their discussion and Kennedy brings up the topic of family. He questions Nucky's motivations for making money and asks why he should partner with him over others. Nucky tells him he wants to leave something behind. The two part ways without verbally striking a deal. Nucky wakes up later that night to find Margaret sitting in his office.


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Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Narcisse: I'm sorry you came up this far for nothing.
Charlie: What I love about the city, everything's so close.

Narcisse: You're in Harlem gentlemen.
Benny: Uptown downtown, it's all New York.
Narcisse: My experience is otherwise.