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Teddy removes a stock tank from the backyard of a house whose owners wanted it gone.

The Fischoeders are opening a nightclub called Jazz-aret and they want Bob to be the temporary chef while they look for a permanent one. They offer Bob a free month of rent. He agrees.

The Belcher kids want to turn the stock tank into a pool. They lie to Teddy and tell him it's a gift for their parents for the anniversary of the first time they swam together.

Mickey is bartending at Jazz-aret.

Linda and Mr. Fischoeder plan to perform a duet on opening night at Jazz-aret.

The kids plan to throw a pool party while their parents are at the nightclub.

The kids distract Linda while Teddy moves the stock tank into the basement of the restaurant.

Mr. Fischoeder tells Bob that Jazz-aret isn't a real nightclub and they are humoring Felix who they think will get bored with it soon.

Mr. Fischoeder plans on turning it into a private storage unit club. Bob, who has fallen in love with the kitchen, opposes this plan.

The kids, who are being watched by Jen, sneak out and throw the pool party with their friends.

Bob tells Linda about Mr. Fischoeder's plan. Felix overhears him.

Felix plans on breaking a pipe during his brother and Linda's duet so that sewage runs everywhere.

Felix locks Linda in a closet when she finds out what he's up to.

The pool starts to leak and the kids all work to soak up the water with old burger buns.

Bob lets Linda out of the closet. They stop Felix from hitting the pipes and the two brothers fight. Bob and Linda leave.

Bob and Linda catch the kids leaving their pool party.

Mr. Fischoeder and Felix come to the restaurant and Felix apologizes.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Bob: Uh, I-I don't think so.
Mr. Fischoeder: We'll give you a month's rent for free.
Bob: Okay, I'll do it.
Linda: A month's rent in one night is more than we make in a month!

Tina: Huh. This plate's still dirty. Even for us.
Bob: Yeah, our dishwasher doesn't work that well. And it leaks. And it's old.
Gene: Look who's talking.