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The episode starts with Tina announcing that she's quitting her Thundergirls troop, feeling that she no longer fits in, due to her more old school methods. That is, until Jenny, the troop's leader, confides in Tina that someone in Troop 119 has been giving away their girl scout cookie secrets to their rivals, Troop 257. When Jenny threatens to disband the troop if their cookie sales continue to sink, Tina decides to don her uniform once again and find the mole. When Tina accidentally spills her plans to Louise and Gene, they decide to join their sister to infiltrate Troop 119. Much to her sister's dismay, Louise ends up actually joining Troop 119. Louise's more brash methods to find the mole cause problems and begin to cause the other girls to turn on each other. Having had enough of Louise's chaotic tactics, Tina banishes her sister from the troop. As a result, Louise joins Troop 257 in order to continue the investigation on her own. Ultimately, it was a combination of Tina's old school knowledge and Louise's infiltration of the rival troop that lead them to discover that the mole was Rena, a member of Troop 257 who was tasked to infiltrate Troop 119 in order to give them the upper hand in their cookie sales. In the end, Tina rejoins the Thundergirls.



Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Jenny: I'm here because Troop 119 has a mole!
Tina: I thought Katie just had a beauty mark.

It's middle aged mom Barbie!