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On the fifth season premiere of Fox's animated hit, Bob's Burgers, a Broadway battle is about to begin in the halls of Wagstaff Middle School. The time has come once again for the school's fall musical and Gene sees this as his chance to show off his long in the making passion project, a musical ode to the cinematic classic, "Die Hard". However, the school selects a rival musical, based on the movie, "Working Girl" the so called "sassy sister film to 'Die Hard'", composed by Gene's ex-girlfriend, Courtney. Disappointed, but not willing to give up on his masterpiece, Gene, with the help of Louise and the kids that didn't end up making the cast of "Working Girl", decides that the show must go on and presents his musical anyway...on the same night that "Working Girl" premieres. Catchy, toe-tapping chaos ensues as the two musicals go head to head, causing Mr. Frond to step in and try to "fix the issue". Ultimately, Gene and Courtney put aside their differences and decide to put on BOTH of their musicals, creating the most action packed, inspiring and entertaining musical based on classic films from the 80's: "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl!"

Bob's Burgers
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