Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 9 online and see what happens when Bob and Linda start seeling home-brewed beer while Tina, Gene and Louise join a go-kart league.

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Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 9 right here and right now via TV Fanatic. The episode starts with the Belcher kids observing a go-kart racing league and quickly becoming eager to join. Without the money to afford a go-kart, they take a broken down bumper car and fix it up. Despite the fact that Tina is a much better driver, Louise insists that she be the one to drive the go-kart. One of the A-list teams, The Kingshead Island Speeders, observe Tina's superior drving skills and recruit her, which angers Louise. Louise channels that anger into her racing, eventually securing herself a place in the Kingshead Island Grand Prix where she will face her sister. Despite their sibling rivalry, Tina ultimately decides to sacrifice her assured victory to help Louise when her go-kart breaks down during the race. This causes Louise to win, though the sisters share the trophy. Back in the restuarant, Bob and Linda decide to start serving Teddy's surprisingly good home-brewed beer, which proves to be popular. Their success id threatened when Hugo and Ron start snooping around. Bob and Linda's attempts and evading Hugo and Ron prove to be exhausting, ultimately causing Bob and Linda to give up while they're ahead.

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On Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 9, Bob and Linda begin selling Teddy's home-brewed beer while Tina, Gene and Louise join a go-kart league.

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Hard to hate a guy who gives you raisins!


If I'm online, I'm looking at sloths!