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-Ed Russell is stabbed to death on his kitchen floor with his baby girl just feet away. 

-Ed and Michael, his son had been fighting and Ed had threatened to take away Michael's computer.

-Megan finds flakes of skin in the wounds and believes they belong to Michael, who has a genetic skin condition but the DNA is only a partial match.

-Ed was not Michael's biological father. Timothy Scanlon abused Jen years before and she ran with baby Michael and started a new life with Ed. 

-Scanlon pretended to be a girl on-line to lure Michael away. When Michael didn't show, Scanlon came to the house and in a rage killed Ed. He is shot by police when he tries to take Jen hostage.

-Kate consults on a case with Megan's ex, Todd.  He needs to verify the age of an illegal minor for a court proceeding. The examination shows Manny is a minor but also shows he is being abused by his uncle. Curtis recommends a children's home where he is a board member.

-Megan takes over Lacy's carpool and to Lacy's surprise her friends find Megan's job cool.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kate: So, Megan's ex-husband. Huh?
Todd: I know. I'm quite the curiosity, aren't I.

Roll up your sleeves or the warrant I get will be for a cavity search.