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-On her wedding day, Melissa falls to he death off the balcony of her bridal suite. Megan must decide if it is suicide or murder.

-The possible suicide causes Megan to reflect back on her father taking his own life but then further investigation shows the bride was pushed.

-Although Melissa argued with both her father and her ex, it was the groom who pushed her. She tried to call off the wedding and when she wanted to hug him he says he angrily shoved her back but didn't mean to kill her.

-Ethan is heartbroken when he finds out Dani is dating Peter. He tells Peter not to toss her aside like on of his conquests.

-Curtis struggles with a new diet and with not feeling good enough at his job. Ethan lends his support.

-Lacey highlights her hair even though Megan tells her she can't.  She later breaks down and says she was trying to fit in after not being invited to the cool kids party.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

There were enough flowers in that bridal suite to choke a bumblebee.


Can you not eat that heart attack in front of me?