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-Michael and Robin Luxe, seemingly perfect parents are found dead in their home. Michael's throat is slashed while Robin is found dead in an upstairs closet.

-Autopsy results show that Robin was accidentally killed by a reaction to a cleaning solution. The killer didn't mean for her to die.

-Further investigation shows that Michael and Robin had a second son, Aaron who ran away but still kept contact with his mother. Michael beat both Aaron and son Greg and intimidated Robin.

-Aaron is arrested when his DNA is found on his mother but the real killer is Greg's friend Travis. Travis was once an abused kid himself and wanted to save his friend. He only meant to kill the father and didn't mean for their mother to die.

-Lacy has a crush on 16 year old Tyler and is crushed when she finds out he has a girlfriend. Megan is there to comfort her.

-Curtis takes his new role as chief too seriously and ends up being the butt of practical jokes. He blames Ethan but later Kate confesses to being the culprit.

-Megan and her new love interest start dating.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

That's the old chief. This is how the new chief rolls.


Peter: Oh was it that bad?
Megan: No, it was that good.