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-Amy Green is found dead in a river but she didn't drown. Her body has no blood.

-Test show that the diatoms in her bone marrow came from fresh oysters she consumed. Her ex-boyfriend, Chris worked at a restaurant that specialized in them.

-Investigators track down the house where Amy died. The walls were bleached down but Luminol shows she bled out throughout the room.

-Amy was seeing Dr. David Cryer. Investigators think maybe he gave her a drug that made her bleed out. He says he was at the house but left to get cell phone reception and was gone for 20 minutes when he returned Amy was dead.

-Megan finds a bite mark on Amy's arm. Turns out Chris stole a baby viper and put it in her bag to scare her without realizing how poisonous it was. It's venom caused her to bleed out in under 20 minutes.

-Joan confronts Megan, Kate, and Todd about making decisions for Lacy without consulting the girl. Megan gets angry but decides to let Lacy decide how to decorate her room at Megan's instead of calling an interior designer.

-Kate feels as though she's always in the middle between Todd, Megan, and Lacy and breaks things off with Todd.

-Bud struggles with picking a name for his unborn child.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Megan: Mom, you're here to help me pick out a color.
Joan: I think I should introduce you to my interior designer.

Bud: What would have happened if she was crabby and whiny?
Megan: I would have called her Bud.