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-Hillary Stone turns up dead after being acquitted of killing her young son, Simon. Public opinion says she's guilty.

-Megan's mother was the judge on this high profile case and many people and the press blame her for letting a murderer go free. With election day days away, Joan's career hangs in the balance.

-Ethan takes a lax approach to Hillary's autopsy. He thinks she murdered her son and finds her unworthy of justice which makes Megan furious. When a mistake on Ethan's part almost puts the wrong man in jail, Kate sends Ethan home and tells him to decide if he wants his job.

-There are many suspects including the public who hated Hillary, her ex, and even a reporter who stalked her and vilified her on TV. 

-In the end, Hillary's own mother killed her. Hillary made a comment that made her think she had killed Simon. Mom, slammed on the brakes of their car and Hillary hit her head, then stumbled out and hit a metal back hoe and fell into a ditch. Mom assumed she was dead and buried her but she was still alive and suffocated to death.

-Judge Joan Hunt loses her election and her position on the bench.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Hillary Stone. Chalk this up a problem that solved itself.


Choppers and an accused murderer under the big top. You still think this isn't a circus?