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-Walter Brown is found stabbed to death in his apartment with $50,000 floating out of his window. He was a lottery winner who was generous with his cash.

-Megan determines that he had an endocrine tumor which could have caused behavioral changes. Unfortunately, most of his friends wrote off the changes as due to the lottery.

-Walter's best friend came to confront him about his behavior. Walter became erratic and brandished a large chef's knife. In the ensuing struggle, Walter fell and was accidentally killed.

-Kimberly Gleason went into the hospital for an appendectomy and died of a serious bacterial infection. Ethan has trouble finding the cause until a second patient turns up dead.

-Turns out the masks in the ER were contaminated. With Kate's help, Ethan learns how to run an investigation and deal with the family members.

-Lacy uses her mother's credit card without permission to buy a $300 cashmere hat. Megan returns it and makes Lacy work at the morgue to earn her own money.


Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

There is a gaping hole in his torso. Doctor, I believe that's your department.


I bought these shoes with the money I earn.