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-Robert Riley breaks out of prison, claiming he was falsely convicted of killing his girlfriend, Caroline Harrington, the wife of the rich and powerful Emmet Harrington.


-Megan was the original ME on Caroline's murder and Robert convinces her to reopen the case.  At first Kate balks, until Tommy and Adam uncover the witnesses received $100,000 payments two months after the trial.


-Caroline's body is exhumed but has been eaten away by beetles. With more tissue removed, Megan finds the tip of an ivory knife which wasn't seen in the original autopsy.  The knife is traced back to Emmet Harrington's home.


-Robert tries to kill Emmet but Megan stops him. The blood on the knife handle didn't match Emmet or Caroline but Emmet's new wife Stacy. She was his assistant and new about Caroline's affair.  She says she killed Caroline because Emmet deserved better.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I put him away once. Happy to do it again.


Tommy: You've just got to get to know her.
Adam: That's pretty difficult when she hardly speaks to me.