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-Jerry Roberts is on trial for defrauding investors of $1 billion when he is kidnapped from his own trial.  A woman is hit in killed by the SUV when it flees and a good samaritan gives CPR to save her but she dies.


-Adam and Tommy were part of the security team and Chief Martin is furious when video turns up of Roberts subsequent murder.


-Inspection of the video leads the team to a burned out car with a body inside. The dental implants and small amount of DNA left matches Jerry Roberts.


-Later Megan realizes the dental implants were never attached to the body and the DNA was planted. Jerry is alive.


-Tommy notices on video the good samaritan entering Jerry's apartment weeks earlier.  He was actually a doctor who faked his own death to get out of going to prison. Now he helps other fake their deaths.  Detectives arrest him and he leads them to Jerry who is put back on trial.  When they find Jerry's new identity on Collin's computer they are able to find the missing $1 billion.


-Test show there was one unknown fingerprint on Megan's father's suicide note. Megan believes it means her father was murdered. 

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

There was some poetic justice in Roberts being dead but if he's alive, even better.


Do you realize the kind of crap we're going to be in if he ends up dead.