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-Tommy is found half conscious in the bushes outside of the home of a murdered girl named Skylar that Megan saw him at the bar with the night before.  He's covered in her blood and remembers nothing.


-Forensic evidence mounts against Tommy and the Chief uncovers Tommy's secret from New York. He beat a suspect so badly that he ended up in the hospital for two months. No charges were filed but Tommy lost his job.


-When the Chief of Police turns on Tommy, Adam and Megan continue to investigate, endangering both of their jobs. Megan puts her condo up as collateral to get Tommy out on bail.


-Tommy tells her about New York. His sister, Maura was killed by a hit and run driver whose connections had gotten him out of two previous DUI convictions. When he was able to wiggle out of charges for Maura's death, Tommy lost him and almost beat him to death. He came to Philadelphia for a fresh start.


-Megan proves that Tommy was drugged and that the killer wore a specific type of work gloves that lead back to an attorney on a the Steve Owen case that Tommy was working on. When Skylar found proof that Steve was innocent, the attorney killed her to cover up his involvement in the murder Steve was accused of committing.


-Tommy is released. Megan agrees to go out with him for drinks 

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

People are complicated. They've got all these messy emotions.


Megan: You're telling me if I said yes, right now OK, let's go to a hotel room, you'd say no?
Tommy: That's not a fair question because I'm a guy.