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-A young Ukrainian girl, Oksana is found shot to death in an alley. Her baby was cut out of her body.


-Kate meets Sergei at a political event and then end up spending the night together.  When she needs someone to translate a tattoo on Oksana, Kate has Sergei come done to decipher it. 


-Tommy and Megan's investigation leads them to being sold as sex slaves.  Cord tissue DNA proves that Arco Starkavich is the father of Oksana's baby but has an alibi. 


-When Kate sees a picture of Arco and Sergei together, she suspects Arco hired Sergei to kill Oksana. She finds Sergei's shirt with Oksana's blood but since she didn't have a warrant she needs to return it. 


-When Sergei realizes Kate is on to him he runs but is arrested at the airport. He is later released because he has diplomatic immunity. 


-It turns out Arco's mother ran the sex trafficking business and killed Oksana when she found out about the baby. Sergei was hired by Oksana's family to save her. When he found her dead, he managed to save the baby and give it to her family.  Despite the truth, Kate and Sergei say goodbye.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

It's like a gothic painting of a penetant angel.


There is vodka and there is vodka. This is water.