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A man runs for his life, and then dies in an explosion.

Meanwhile, Booth is upset about a lost photo that meant a lot to him while he was in prison.

Arastoo tells Cam he was talking to his family about something important, but he'll have to tell her later because it's a long conversation.

Brennan, Hodgins, Cam, and Arastoo examine the remains, and Aubrey and Booth talk about the evidence while Aubrey eats.

Arastoo's brother in Iran is sick with cancer. His brother isn't allowed to leave Iran. Arastoo wants to go back to be with his brother, and Cam thinks it isn't a good idea.

Angela is able to identify the body based on a tattoo.

Brennan and Booth discuss the case. The tattoo was from a prison gang, and someone tried to remove it from the victim.

Aubrey talks to the victim's girlfriend, and learns the man worked at a bakery.

Booth tells Brennan there are some good men in prison, and they talk about criminals turning their lives around on the way to visit the bakery. Then they question the owner of the bakery, who is known for employing ex-cons.

Cam and Arastoo talk further about Arastoo going to Iran. Arastoo's mind is made up.

Booth and Cam get coffee together, and Cam asks Booth's advice about Arastoo. Meanwhile, Aubrey continues with questioning.

Brennan gives Arastoo advice about going to Iran, saying his needs to be honest about the risks.

Arastoo says he believes he'll be okay, and that he still misses Iran.

Angela and the others continue to try to figure out exactly what happened to the victim.

Booth and Aubrey find more bodies that have been burned. They also find the cut-off tattoos, and it's very gross.

The team decides that the killer should be considered a serial killer. They identify who the killer is, and the bakery owner is shocked. He helps Booth and Aubrey to set him up. Booth has to shoot the guy to get him down.

Back at home, Brennan and Aubrey talk more about the case.

Arastoo and Cam say goodbye.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

It's a good thing you brought me rather than Aubrey. He'd eat everything here. Not literally. I'm just exaggerating.


Bound, sliced, and blown to bits? What the hell was this guy involved in?