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A body is found at a boot camp. Meanwhile, Booth, Brennan, and Christine have breakfast and talk about human anatomy.

The team examines the remains of the body. Booth and Aubrey find a connection to a celebrity chef. "Chili Rueben" Booth also looks like he's winning money gambling.

Hodgins tells Angela a company is interested in manufacturing his invention.

It turns out, the the celebrity chef gave The Royal Diner a bad review, and Frankie is now a murder suspect. Booth and Brennan are shocked. Frankie says he got a bad review because he refused to pay for it.

Edison has news about Arastoo, and tells Cam everything is fine, and he has been with his brother.

Aubrey discovers that Chili was actually broke.

Brennan continues to work on a new, "proper" song for Christine about the skeletal system.

Hodgins gets a two-million dollar advance! Even though he's been rich before, this is more exciting because he did this on his own.

Hodgins is worried about telling Cam, but she says she's thrilled because she followed the rules and something good came of it.

Edison helps Brennan with the song for Christine. Then Edison tries to help Cam with her worry and accidentally calls her controlling.

Hodgins and Aubrey find the "Spice Mobile" and check it out.

Booth brings Brennan a gift -- a gold necklace that he won with his winnings. He tells her he made the right choice in marrying her. She hands him his gambling sobriety chip, which she found in the laundry.

Angela and Hodgins discover that Joanne, the waitress at the diner, slept with the celebrity chef.

Cam asks Brennan's opinion about why Arastoo didn't ask her to go to Iran. Brennan says she would have done the same thing.

Frankie is happy because business is booming now. Brennan and Christine sing their new song for Booth.

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Look, Mommy. I'm eating the sacrum.


There are no particulates as good as slob particulates.