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What a premiere! Bones Season 10 picks up three months where we left off and has some serious surprises.

At the start of the episode, Booth is in prison, and he's definitely having a rough time. The prisoners are starting fights, and the guards treat Booth as a "cop killer," even cutting off his phone time with Brennan. It seems he's also getting in plenty of fights, and he's in a lot of pain the next time he sees Brennan.

Brennan has been working on a plan to get Booth out of prison. Despite the fact that Booth tells her not to get involved, she does exactly the opposite. Thanks to her newfound blackmailing skills, Booth is released from prison before the opening credits.

But it isn't over that easily. Booth fights to get his badge back and to finish the case is started. And Brennan and her team work to find the evidence that will help them solve the case once and for all.

Meanwhile, there's a new agent-- James Aubrey, and he's there to watch Booth. Even though Booth doesn't take too kindly to him at the beginning, it seems Aubrey is going to be helpful to the case.

In other news, Booth is speechless to learn that Daisy is pregnant, and he seems to be really happy for Sweets.

It looks like we may just get a happy ending... that is until the very end of the episode. Major spoiler-- one of our favorite characters dies in this episode. Sweets is killed off in a tearful end to this episode.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Whoever did this to me and my wife-- they're gonna pay. Then after tha,t you can have my badge and my gun and you'll never see me again.


The charges against me were dropped. No thanks to you. I have a right to my badge and my gun.