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Aubrey, Booth, Cam, and Hodgins arrive to a crime scene and examine remains. Meanwhile, Brennan, Angela, and Daisy attend a yoga class. Brennan sits on the sidelines, and Angela tells her that she’s further along than she thinks she is. A guy asks for Daisy’s number.

Booth and Aubrey question the man who found the dead body. While Brennan, Cam, Daisy, and Hodgins examine the remains, and Daisy wonders whether or not she should go on a date.

Brennan and Booth talk to the victim’s parents, and Brennan says the girl’s injuries had to do with her weight.

Booth and Aubrey go to the private school where the victim went, and two girls are snooping in Molly’s room.

Then they discover from the victim’s diary that she had been bullied. Brennan is able to identify based on her own experiences of being isolated as a teenager.

Brennan continues to insist she isn’t as far along as she looks.

Daisy talks to Hodgins about wanting to start dating again. Angela and Aubrey find that a nude photo of Molly had been released. The guy who took the photo is one of the suspects, who says Molly posed to get pills. Daisy asks what Brennan would do if she were in the same situation.

Booth and Brennan question three students who are now the most likely suspects in the murder. Booth feels the girls are telling the truth and didn’t kill Molly. Brennan admits to Angela that she must be six months pregnant.

They talk about why Brennan would have insisted she wasn’t as far along, and Angela believes it’s because Brennan is trying to control the situation. She points out how dangerous Brennan and Booth’s jobs are.

Brennan realizes that Molly killed herself. In her death, she tried to have the mean girls framed for her murder.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Well look at this. The woman who is definitely not six months pregnant needs to sit.


Brennan: I want you to know that I remember every single time we've made love.
Booth: Wow. Right. Yeah, that came out of nowhere. I guess I'm flattered.