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When this episode begins, it is clear the focus will be on the relationship between Arastoo and Cam. Arastoo is excited to have decided on a dissertation topic, and we learn that his other has been emailing Cam with recipes and hinting at marriage. But Cam doesn't seem to be ready for that discussion just yet. They are interrupted when Cam learns there is a murder to investigate.

Booth and Brennan arrive to the crime scene to find the others already there. Goats have eaten up some of the evidence, and Hodgins finds himself chasing after one for a watch.

Brennan turns down Arastoo's dissertation topic, and Cam oversteps her bounds by trying to convince Brennan to change her mind.

Meanwhile, Booth and Aubrey continue to investigate the murder, only to find something even bigger when they discover maids being kept as slaves. It turns out this is a human trafficking operation.

Aubrey shows some growth in this episode as well, initially showing concern for publicity. But this case has a profound effect on him, and he realizes this job is more than just a career.

The team learns that the victim had been sneaking away to meet her lover, and this is ultimately what gets her killed.



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Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, Aubrey! Bag any excrement you can find!


Angela: Sweetie, I'm sure he's sweating bullets.
Brennan: That's impossible to do.