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Wendell joins Brennan, Cam, Angela, and Hodgins in examining a set of remains. Wendell leaves early to go to his last appointment for his clinical trial. And he's looking very well!

Booth is taking a traffic school exam, and suggests that Aubrey work with Brennan.

Angela and Cam discover that the victim of the murder was a Psychology professor. Aubrey and Brennan investigate his home, and chat with three older women who didn't care much for the professor.

Wendell gets his final does of chemo, and chats with a nurse who seems to be flirting with him. She asks him to have lunch with her.

Hodgins and Wendell find a cat during their investigation.

Aubrey talks with a suspect about an uncomfortable psychology experiment she was a part of.

Hodgins bonds with the cat he found and as he works in the lab.

Wendell has lunch with the nurse, and they have a romantic moment together.

Angela discovers that a student that participated in the psychology experiment was severely traumatized. Aubrey interrogates him. The suspect was led to believe he had killed an innocent person, and that broke him.

Wendell and his new love interest continue to spend time together, and Wendell comments that things seem to be going fast.

Hodgins determines time of death with a special experiment involving hydrangeas.

Aubrey interrogates another suspect, Victoria.

Wendell seems flustered by text messages from the nurse, Andie.

Brennan shares evidence with Booth about Victoria's dental records. Meanwhile, Booth is still working on his exam, and Brennan gives him a wrong answer.

Aubrey interrogates another suspect, a second graduate student the victim had a relationship with.

Wendell tells Andie why he's afraid to get close to her.

Hodgins and Wendell realize that someone was trying to poison the cat.

Aubrey and Brennan have developed a shorthand and work well together.

The killer was one of the older women, who in trying to poison the cat, murdered the professor.


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Bones Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Hodgins: It's like looking for a prize at the bottom of a cereal box.
Brennan: Apparently, you and I eat different kinds of cereal.

Enough with the squint talk. If I wanted to talk squint, I would go to, you know, squint land.