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Christine insists Booth cut her imaginary friend an extra slice of cake. Brennan thinks the imaginary friend is useful.

Booth is reminded that it's Sweets' birthday and he was planning to get him donuts.

A park ranger was cutting down an old tree and blood started spraying out -- there was a body inside. The park ranger gets sick as he tells Aubrey the details.

Brennan, Hodgins, and Cam examine the remains. They also talk about Sweets' birthday. Sweets would have been thirty years old.

Fuentes takes an odd call and Angela hears that he's asking about medicine. They identify the body as a woman named Justine.

Aubrey talks with the victim's father. Justine made a living as a psychic. Aubrey quotes Leviticus.

Angela wants to bring in Avalon, and Hodgins thinks they should focus on the evidence.

Brennan and Booth investigate the victim's home when Avalon shows up. She says she had been contacted by someone on the other side who said they needed help.

Avalon asks if it is someone's birthday today.

Aubrey questions the psychic (Adam Taylor) who was a rival to Justine.

Booth and Aubrey question a women who may have been blackmailed by Justine. The woman was actually Justine's lover.

Avalon says she contacted Sweets, but Hodgins gets upset and asks her to leave his name out of it.

Meanwhile, Cam catches Fuentes smuggling drugs, but he's doing so to help people in his country. Still, Cam has to fire him.

Angela continues to try to convince Hodgins to be open to the idea that Sweets' spirit is around.

Aubrey questions another woman who was one of Justine's lovers, and she threw a mallet at her head.

Fuentes comes back to find out that Brennan smuggled the drugs for him.

Avalon tells Angela Sweets wants her to drive his car right away. He was asking for a thumb drive in the car.

The first lover turns out to be the murderer -- an accident that compounded her first injury from the mallet before. So the woman dumped the body. The woman is still in trouble for hiding the body and covering up the murder.

Back at home, Christine says her imaginary friend wants them to read a special book. Christine says her friend wants a love story.

Avalon arrives with Angela, and they brought a birthday present from Sweets. He finished their present before he died. It's a book written for them -- Booth and Brennan's love story. Christine asks if that is the book Buddy wants them to read.


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Bones Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Hodgins: He didn't make it to thirty?
Cam: Yeah, but he made it to happy. And that's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Hodgins: You alright there, Dr. B.? You look like something's bothering you.
Cam: Which is reasonable considering she's about to stick her hands in body stew.