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Two men find a body in an old book store.

Meanwhile, Brennan tells Booth her publisher wants her to join Twitter, but she's resistant to the idea. He convinces her it might be a good idea.

Booth gets a call that a body was found, and they join the rest of the team to examine the remains.

Caroline asks Booth to be very careful with the case. She has a personal connection to the teaching program. Booth and Aubrey discuss Brennan’s Twitter account in the characters in her books.

As Booth and Aubrey drive to the school where the victim worked, Aubrey wonders why Andy Lister didn’t sleep with Dr. Reichs until the third book.

Booth and Aubrey visit the school and talk to one of the teachers, Shane Gentry.

Booth and Caroline question one of the students, Marcellus, and his older brother, Keith, who is also his guardian.

Brennan continues to try to figure out how to use Twitter and get more followers. Booth suggests she get help from her intern, Jessica Warren, who introduces Brennan to the art of the selfie.

Brennan and Booth head to the school to investigate the case further, and the janitor becomes a suspect. Angela learns that the victim’s boyfriend was cheating on her with multiple women.

He’s a suspect for a bit, but then Keith is brought in for questioning. He says the teacher was crazy and cut herself with the knife. His story, fortunately, seems to be believable.

Aubrey and Marcellus talk privately, and Aubrey turns out to be sympathetic. Keith was stealing groceries and that’s why he couldn’t tell Booth his alibi. He doesn’t want his brother to go into foster care. Aubrey says he won’t tell.

The team discovers that the other teacher at the school was altering test scores to make himself look good. It turns out that Mia, the victim, caught him, and that’s why he killed her.

Caroline takes the student his and brother out for dinner, and says that she’ll be the Marcellus’ new tutor. She also insists that the older brother will get his GED, then insists that the waitress bring them pie.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Brennan: Oh my God!
Booth: What? Did you get bitten?
Brennan: No, it's my book! It's in the clearance section.

Yes, because who doesn't like huffing a good book?