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Eight weeks later, Hodgins is leaving the hospital but he’s still paralyzed. His paralysis could get better but it could also spread above his waist if he’s not careful. Hodgins insists on going back to the Jeffersonian and working their latest case. 

Drea Torres was a public defender whose body is found two days after she was killed. Her body was washed away due to flooding during a big storm.

The victim had traces of cocaine in her nasal cavity. Turns out her boss, Alex Polluck, knew she used drugs and did nothing. He says she got her drugs from a DJ. She also had a scale from a molting python in her nasal cavity. 

Drea left a club with Chad, a DJ with a python. He says that Drea hit him when he broke her necklace and then she left his apartment on her own. Chad was at a diner the rest of the night. Drea left Chad’s and went to her boss, Alex Polluck’s apartment. 

Tim, the office intern and IT guy admits that Alex asked him to put the spyware on Drea’s computer. There’s blood on a dumpster underneath Alex’s balcony but Alex is working on a high-profile case and a judge won’t allow a warrant for his apartment because he’s brought home information about the case. 

When they finally get a warrant, they find that Alex has painted over the railing on the balcony to hide evidence. Brennan pulls out the nails from the balcony and finds Drea’s blood. Alex confesses that he and Drea fought after he admitted he loved her and he turned her down. Then she went over the balcony. 

Hodgins refuses to go home after spending the day at the Jeffersonian. Cam has to kick him out for his own good. When Angela tries to talk to him about the case, he tells her that it only makes him feel worse since he can’t be there. 

Booth tells Cam that she should let Hodgins decide how much he can handle after his injuries. Cam comes to visit Hodgins. She says she sent him home because she feels guilty for not sending him home after the bombing. If he had been home resting maybe he wouldn’t be paralyzed now. But she agrees that if Hodgins feels he needs to get back to work, she won’t stop him. He decides to go back to the Jeffersonian.

Brennan is worried about Hodgins going back but Booth tells her they have to have faith. 

The doctor calls Hodgins to say that his nerve are not regrowing. He’s experiencing phantom sensations and that his paralysis is most likely permanent but he tells Angela that everything is great. 



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Bones Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Wendell: What if there's an animal in there?
Hodgins: Dude, that's half the fun.

Wendell: What if it's more detrimental for him to stay at home thinking about everything he can't do?
Brennan: There is no quantitative method for evaluating such an question.