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At dinner, Angela laments that Hodgins isn’t ready to expand their family and  shares with Brennan and Booth that she fears Michael Vincent will be lonely without siblings. 

Two skateboarders find a dead body that was eaten by scavengers and call it in. A news reporter with a camera shows up and tries to get video footage before the police show up. 

The number of maggots in victim’s chest cavity means he was dead for two days and obviously dumped where people would see him. The body is rigged with explosives. Aubrey pulls Hodgins away and covers him as it explodes. 

Cam, Angela, Booth and Brennan rush to the hospital. Four police officers were killed by the explosion. Hodgins is banged up but okay. Aubrey is in surgery. Aubrey saved Hodgins life. Booth takes the lead on the case. 

Brennan is worried that if Aubrey dies, Booth will react the same way he did when Sweets died, where the guilt drove him back to gambling. 

The four dead police officers bodies are brought to the Jeffersonian as well as the original body. Angela is shaken, wondering why her husband was the lucky one.

Arastoo returns. He saw what happened on the news and came back as quickly as he could. Despite Cam’s reluctance, Brennan ask Arastoo to be her consultant. He spots an artificial knee which leads to the victim’s identification as Thomas Gallo, another police officer. He was killed and his body was used to blow up more cops. It was a simple pipe bomb put in the cop’s chest. 

Arastoo tells Brennan that things have been difficult for him since he left the Jeffersonian and he’s currently not working. Things between he and Cam are very uncomfortable. Hodgins lets it slip that Cam is dating. Brennan offers to help Arastoo find a job but he says he wants to do it on his own. 

Caroline calls in a behavioral expert, Karen Delves from the BRIU. She thinks Officer Gallo was targeted. The police have been going after a gang and four days ago, Gallo arrested the head of the gang. 

Gallo was shot at point blank range in an alley near the bar he left. Seth, the news reporter was at the alley. He also sold footage of the bomb going off and Booth wonders if he’s setting up the crimes for profit. But his video footage shows the killer hiding, which he didn’t know he recorded it.

There’s a bullet casing in the alley. It has a fingerprint belonging to Scott Larrett. He applied to be a cop multiple times but failed his psychological exam due to anger issues. 

Aubrey wakes up. Doctor’s pulled seven pieces of shrapnel out of him. Jessica has been to see him twice but he’s been unconscious. 

Hodgins tells Angela he wants to have more kids. He doesn’t want to waste any more time. Hodgins finds traces pre-processed latex in Gallo’s body and it leads them to a closed factory and a body being eaten by rats. The remains are explosive free but he was killed before Gallo. The body is Scott Larrett, who was working as a security guard and the killer took his gun. 

Frustrated because they have no leads on the killer, Booth wants to make himself a target. Brennan is upset. She just got him back but she needn’t worry. Aubrey leaves the hospital, goes on the news and makes himself a target first. 

Cam figures out that two people carried Larrett’s body into the factory, therefore they may be looking for two killers. Hodgins found paraffin wax on the back of victim’s skull. Booth realizes that Larrett may have been hit by a skateboard that had been waxed which leads back the two skateboarders who originally found Gallo. 

The two boys are arrested. They find Larrett’s gun under his pillow. The one boy’s father was a police officer who used to come home and beat Alex and his wife. The two boys got into an altercation with Scott Larrett, the security guard who tried to stop them from skate boarding on private property. They hit Larrett and he ended up dead and then they began killing other authority figures. Caroline refuses to release the killers names since what they really want is notoriety. 

Arastoo tells Cam that he lied about finding a job. There’s a great lab in Berlin that wants to hire him but he wants to be with her. He regrets leaving and he wants another chance.

Before Cam can answer him, Angela screams. Hodgins has collapsed and is rushed to the hospital. He had swelling from his injuries and the aspirin he was taking for the pain caused excessive internal bleeding resulting in an epidermal hematoma which is compressing his spine. He’s paralyzed. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Cam: The last time I saw or spoke to Arastoo was the night he quit. That was months ago, Dr. Hodgins.
Hodgins: And yet the minute he heard what happened he dropped everything to come rushing down here. It's obvious Arastoo still cares about you.
Cam: And I still care about him but right now I care more about catching a cop killer.

I don't need their names. The world doesn't need to know their names. These fools wanted notoriety and I'm going to make damn sure they never get it.