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Christine gets her first report card. She gets perfect grades across the board. Booth and Brennan are thrilled until Dr. Wells questions whether she really deserved those grades and suspects she changed her grade in art because two different inks were used. 

Brennan bets Wells that he’s wrong but Hodgins proves that two different inks were used. Brennan has to leave Wells outgoing voicemail message singing his praises. Later, Booth calls the school and finds out that the teacher’s pen ran out of ink while she was grading, thus Christine did not change her grade.  

Hodgins gives Angela a diamond bracelet to apologize for his recent behavior but she looks uncomfortable with the gift. She tells Cam that they have been intimate since the accident. Cam tell her to give it time. 

When Hodgins gives her a matching necklace, she later gives both pieces of jewelry to Cam, and tells Hodgins that she’ll only ask Cam to return them if he goes out with her four times this month. Hodgins agrees. 

A frozen body is found in the Potomac river but there’s no river water in his lungs. The victim is Frank Kwiatowkski. His wife says he was a fixer for high-end clients, politicians, movie stars, etc. Turns out he worked for Aubrey’s financier father before he ran off to Croatia so he didn’t have to face possible prison time.

FBI Behaviorist Karen Delfs, asks Aubrey out on a date. He turns her down, saying he’s already dating someone. When the FBI goes through Franks’s files, Karen finds one on Aubrey’s file but he refuses to look at it. 

Abraham Froom had given Frank $2 million in cash to pay off a blackmailer. Frank had the money on him when he was killed. Turns out a bellman took the blackmail video because Abraham didn’t tip him. He says Frank beat him, made him get in a tub with purple dye and stole the video. He never got any money or saw Frank again. 

Turns out that Frank beat himself in order to make Abraham think he had to pay the $2 million and planned to keep it for himself. The money is in a safe deposit box. Carrie, his assistant says they planned to use it to leave the country together. Carrie blackmailed her clients to be her alibi. She did kill Frank when he refused to leave his wife for her. 

Karen tells Aubrey he’s being transferred to Kansas City but she makes Aubrey read his father’s file. His father is back in D.C. and he’s investigating Aubrey. 

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