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A decomposing body is found in the woods by some cyclists. The person was killed about 48 hours ago. The victim, Klarissa Mott was an escape artist who performed at the Magic Palace. 

Klarissa’s face was shattered and her toxicology screen shows she was on pain killers. Her colleague says she was distracted. She was also taking out $340 a week from an ATM in a bad section of town. Video shows her going into a building across from the ATM. 

Turns out she was going their for special flexibility training, probably to perform her act. The owner of the Magic Palace, Lenny Jay, gave Klarissa the secret to his special trick, The Drunken Monkey in which one has to escape from a vat of Scotch. His son was upset the father didn’t hand the trick down to him. 

Clara was having an affair with her roommates boyfriend, Victor. Some of his truffle oil ended up on her neck and gave her hives because she was allergic. Victor swears their affair was just sex and that Klarissa was only in love with her work. The roommate decided to deal with the affair because she and Victor had started a catering business together and she didn’t want to risk her investment. 

Aubrey figures out that flowers sent to Klarissa were from a casino in Las Vegas where she had taken a new job. Lenny Jay was furious because she swore she’d continue her career at the Magic Palace after he shared his prized trick. He hit her with a lock and chain and then strangled her with it. Brennan tricks him into confessing. 

Booth and Brennan argue over whether to have the tooth fairy leave something for Christine now that she’s lost her first tooth. At first, Brennan resists but later gives in and leaves a dollar under Christine’s pillow.

Angela’s mentor, Sebastian is back in town and interested in her photography. Cam thinks he’s interested in more than her photos. Cam is shocked when Sebastian asks her out. She’s not sure she’s ready after her breakup with Arastoo. Later, she decides to take a chance and she calls him back.  



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Bones Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

I don't want to teach our daughter that it's okay for a stranger to break into her room and steal discarded body parts.


Science's primary aim is to search for the truth. Magic sets out to deceive.