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In light of Zack’s claims of innocence, Brennan is reexamining the evidence in the lobbyist murder. For her birthday, Booth gets a judge to hear an appeal for Zack in two months time. Brennan worries that she doesn’t have enough evidence yet but Booth says he has faith in her. 

A decomposing body is found by a couple of show dogs who get loose and run into the woods. When one of the owners tries to stop Hodgins from shaving her dogs coat for evidence, he accidentally ends up shaving off his own eyebrow. He tries to make a fake eyebrow but it won’t quite stay in place.

The victim is Ian Goldberg, a pioneer in artificial intelligence. He designed robots to work with autistic children. Ian’s body was badly damaged by being dragged through the woods after he was killed. AMI his AI robot is questioned but her memory was wiped by Ian the day he was killed.

Evidence leads Booth and Aubrey to a company that makes sex dolls. Turns out Ian was about to make a deal to put his artificial intelligence into the dolls. The idea came from his friend Randy, a naturalist/druggie whom Ian used to meet in the woods to smoke pot and use LSD to increase his creativity. 

Randy thought he would make millions on the sex dolls because integrating the AI was his idea. When Ian only gave him a blue tooth speaker as a gift, he flew into an LSD induced rage. He stabbed Ian multiple times int he neck with his pocket knife, tried to string him up in a tree to hide the body and then dragged him through the woods. Booth and Aubrey arrest him for murder. 

Brennan doesn’t react well with Daisy applies for a prestigious job and then Angela receives the MacArthur fellowship (aka the Genius Grant) for her work on the Angelatron. 

Brennan plans her own 40th surprise party. At her party, she has three cakes, one congratulating Daisy on her new job, one congratulating Angela and another for Brennan’s birthday. Brennan pretended not to be happy for her friends in order to give them a surprise. 


At the party, Christine gives her grandpa, Max, back a bracelet he dropped. It’s a hospital bracelet. Max looks on wistfully as his daughter, Brennan, celebrates her birthday.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

Cam: I know it's a surprise but could you give us a hint on the dress code?
Brennan: Yes, wearing clothes would be advisable.

The tradition is illogical. Being startled is unpleasant while engineering a surprise for others has proven to be quite pleasurable.