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It’s Cam and Arastoo’s wedding reception and everyone looks happy. Cam and Arastoo will be traveling for the next six months and she is considering stepping away from the Jeffersonian all together.  

Aubrey still hasn’t asked Jessica to move to Los Angeles with him. He’s so nervous he gets incredibly drunk at the wedding. He finally asks her but she tells him her whole life is here and she doesn’t see a future for them. 

Angela tells Brennan that she’s pregnant. She and Hodgins are waiting to find out if the child has LCA, a genetic disorder that can cause the baby to be born blind. Angela says that she’s come to the conclusion that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. 

Zack gets his hearing the next day. His life sentence is overturned due to the new evidence but he must serve out his remaining 13 months on his sentence for assisting a murderer. 

Michelle tells Booth that she is applying to Quantico, but she doesn’t want to tell Cam until she knows if she was accepted. 

Avalon shows up at the wedding and tells Booth that Brennan is in danger. The next morning, Cam wakes up to eight voicemails. Mark Kovac, the man who killed Max and wants Booth’s family dead, has broken out of prison. Booth brings Hank and Christine to stay at the FBI. 

The Pentagon tells Booth that entire shipment of military grade explosive has gone missing. Some of it was used to break Kovac out of prison, but the rest could be used to build a bomb a thousand times more powerful. 

Cam realizes her Jeffersonian ID is missing from her purse. She assumes she misplaced it after the wedding, but Booth checks the Jeffersonian security system and finds that it had been used late the previous night. He has Cam evacuate the building, but the security protocols have been tampered with and the building goes on lockdown before Booth, Brennan, Angela and Hodgins can get out. 


Booth finds a bomb in the lab and disarms it, but realizes it isn’t the only bomb. He yells for everyone to head down to the basement to take cover, but the other bombs go off before they can get there. 

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Bones Season 12 Episode 11 Quotes

A body, covered in acid. Yeah, that should help with the nausea.


Brennan, you've got to get back in there. Someone who cares about Zack needs to be there when his life sentence is upheld.